PLACE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization building a strong, accessible local food system in Athens, Georgia.  Consider making a tax-deductible donation to support our efforts today.

The Athens Local Food Awards acknowledge those who are working hard to create a strong, accessible local food culture in Athens.  The awards are presented in four categories. 

  • Excellence on the Farm: We love all the farms we have around Athens. But for this category we want to acknowledge the farms that go the extra mile by raising the standard of farms in our area, reaching out to individuals to teach them about farming, and/or developing innovative farming techniques or business models.
  • Excellence in Education: All educators work hard balancing teaching requirements with the individual needs of their students. Below is a short list of educators who have caught out attention as seeing the need to get their students outside of the standard classroom environment to learn about protecting our natural world, serving our community, and growing food. If you know of an educator who should be on this list, please write in their name to cast a vote for them.
  • Excellence in Business: With the local food scene booming in Athens, a few local businesses have helped raised the awareness of local food and/or increased the availability of local food to the Athens community.
  • Excellence in Advocacy: Building a local food culture requires the dedication of many people working hard at many levels. The individuals below are a few of the early advocates and movers-and-shakers of Athens burgeoning local food scene

It is important to state that the Athens Local Food Awards are not a competition.  There is no best farm, educator, business, or advocate.  The vibrant local food scene that Athens enjoys today is due to countless people working on many levels over the course of many years.  It is impossible to recognize everyone, but we feel that it is important to create a space where we can recognize a few outstanding individuals each year.  

Past Recipients of Athens Local Food Awards:

  • Excellence on the Farm: Nature's Harmony Farm (2011), Backyard Harvest (2010), Full Moon Farm (2009), Roots Farm (2008)
  • Excellence in Education: Kate Austin (2011), David Berle (2010), Jason Mann (2009), Amanda Tedrow (2008)
  • Excellence in Business: The National (2011), Daily Groceries Co-op (2010), Athens Farmers Market (2009), Athens Locally Grown (2008)
  • Excellence in Advocacy: Jan Kozak (2011), Hugh Acheson (2010), Doug Lowry (2009), Eric Wagoner (2008)

NOTE: PLACE's Board of Directors choses the award recipients each year. No one currently serving on PLACE's Board of Directors is eligible for these awards. As PLACE attempts to raise the awareness of those who are working hard to build a local food culture, we invite you to let us know of people, farms, and businesses who should be nominated for future Athens Local Food Awards.